Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bears vs. Bills

It seems like forever since the Bears have played a game. That is probably because I spent a few days in the hospital last week, and I spent the remainder of the week recovering. It was a long week, especially with no Bears game at the end of it to look forward to. I was hoping that my hospital scare would help me cope with my somewhat unhealthy addiction to the Chicago Bears. Watching last week's game in the hospital, I found myself able to not care too much about the fact that they lost and Cutler sucked. But, I fear that as I continue to get healthy, my obsession with the Bears will return in full force. I guess there are worst things to obsess about, right?

Bears vs. Bill Preview

The Buffalo Bills are 0-7, but they have played close games against good teams in recent weeks (Chiefs, Ravens). Ryan Fitzpatrick has a higher rating, more touchdowns, and fewer interceptions than Jay Cutler. Of course, he doesn't have to run for his life during each pass play. But, it's worth mentioning because this team, despite their winless record, is not a push over. They can move the ball a little bit on offense and they are definitely due for a win. In fact, the Bills actually rank higher than the Bears in offense (26 vs. 29) However, their defense is awful (worst in the league in points allowed), which should help Cutler and company get out of their recent slump.

Has Mike Martz been watching the Carolina game? Let's hope so. If he commits to the run even a little bit, the Bears should beat the Bills by two touchdowns. The bye week should help the offense settle down a little bit while giving Martz and Tice the chance to self-scout and find the things they do well. Obviously, Forte and Taylor need to touch the ball more and Cutler has to find a way to prevent disaster when speed bumps occur. It's one thing to throw an interception. It's another thing to throw four interceptions and lose a fumble at the goal line. A leader has to find a way to stop the bleeding, regardless of what's going on around him. He can't rip open the wound further.

The Bears defense should be able to hold this offense under 14 points. I worry that this could be one of those games that defies logic, though. Like, the Bears defense giving up 27 or something. Hopefully not. The Bears need this game because the schedule becomes much harder in the second half of the season. If they lose to Buffalo and fall to 4-4, the playoffs may be unreachable. With games against the Vikings (twice), Dolphins, Eagles, Lions (on the road), Pats, Jets, and Packers, I don't see more than 4 wins in there. Of course, the NFC is pretty weak, so who knows. Maybe the Bears will stumble to an 8-8 record and still make it in. If they beat Buffalo, I think 9-7 is realistic. But, they gotta beat Buffalo first!

Bears 24, Bills 13

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  1. Nice accessment as always.

    I think the D will play strong and while the Redskins game was kind of a mess, I was impressed with how the O-line pulled it together in the 2nd half.

    If the Bears don't shoot themselves in the foot over and over again, they win that game easily.

    I think we'll see a much better performance overall from them in Toronto; Bears 27 - Bills 10