Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bears Release Mark Anderson; Jerry Angelo Now Consulting Magic 8-Ball for Personnel Decisions

The Chicago Bears have released defensive end Mark Anderson. Wow. This is a stunning move that reeks of desperation. The Bears are taking this "accountability" pledge too far. This move, along with Tommie Harris being inactive against the Packers, demonstrates the chaos that is taking place at Halas Hall. There is no doubt that Mark Anderson has been a huge flop since his double-digit sack rookie season, but releasing him now after choosing not to resign Adewale Ogunleye and releasing Alex Brown in the offseason really speaks to the an organization that is in free fall. I can actually see Jerry Angelo sitting at his desk making a list of all the "moves" he has made since last January in a feeble attempt to show Ted Phillips and the McCaskey family how much he changed things after three playoff-less seasons. The sad truth, however, is that Jerry Angelo has failed in his attempt to build a team through the draft. And, Lovie Smith has failed to develop the talent he has been given, especially along the defensive line and secondary.

The Bears have also reportedly signed Charles Grant from a UFL team's roster to replace Anderson. Grant couldn't make an NFL team this year, but he's an upgrade over Mark Anderson? Alex Brown sure would look good in a Bears uniform right about now.

An organization that prides itself on stability is coming apart at the seams. I can only imagine the negative impact this move will have on the Bears locker room. If you couple this move with the constant changes along the offensive line and in the secondary, players are going to start pressing even more, which will inevitably lead to more mistakes. It is one thing to hold players accountable. It is another thing to panic and start running your team like a drunken fantasy football owner.

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  1. Not sure what to make of this, such a random and oddly timed move, head scratcher